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Join us in a cleaner burning,
less taxing biodiesel world.

Biodiesel is good for your equipment and good for the environment.

Agri-Biodiesel is now available from Mohr Oil Company. We are convinced that biodiesel offers benefits to diesel equipment operators not available with regular diesel fuel nor with any diesel additives. Please review the benefits listed below and join the growing ranks of Mohr biodiesel users.

From the very beginning, the diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oil. Soy biodiesel is compatible with existing diesel technology, including diesel tanks and other infrastructures. American- grown soybeans help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve our environment.

EPA Low Sulfur Rule

In January 2001, the EPA finalized a rule that will require sulfur levels in diesel fuel to be reduced from 500 parts per million (ppm) to 15 ppm, a 97% reduction by 2006.

Lubricity is the characteristic in diesel fuel necessary to keep rotary and distributor fuel injection pumps properly lubricated. Fuel that lacks lubricity can cause premature wear or malfunction. Soy biodiesel is a fuel, and not an additive; this ensures adequate fuel lubricity while eliminating overdosing concerns present with additives.

Standadyne Automotive Corp., the top diesel fuel injection equipment manufacturer in the United States, supports adding biodiesel to low-sulfur diesel fuel produced in the United States because of biodiesel's superior lubricity properties. Soy biodiesel meets the proposed 2006 EPA standard today.

Mohr Oil now offers a B11 (11% blend) and B20 (20% blend) agri-biodiesel fuel, both of which are completely exempt from sales tax.

Agri-Biodiesel performs in existing equipment

Help the environment